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Alecia Cohen, Morocco Travel Specialist

Alecia Cohen, Morocco Travel Specialist










A Sensual Journey Into Morocco 
is a Travel Exploration blog created by Moroccan Travel Expert Alecia Cohen. Morocco Travel Blog won the “Morocco Blogs Awards for Best Travel Blog 2011 and was a nominee in 2010.  Blog contributors to Morocco Travel Blog are Morocco Editor and Journalist, Colin Kilkelly, Travel writer, Freya Ellinwood. Prior contributors include Marrakech writer and Teacher, Mary Mimouna, Kylie Jelley and Lisa DiMatteo.

A Sensual Journey Into Morocco is the perfect spot for arm chair travelers and active explorers to learn more about Morocco’s appeal as a magical and relaxing destination. Morocco’s natural wonders, ancients monuments, colorful souks and the hospitality of its people make it accessible to foreigners and the perfect destination for all. Travelers can flock here to learn about the arts-from music to food and from fashion to film. The unique flavors, traditions and festivals of Morocco that we explore in our blog can help you plan your next adventure.

Alecia Cohen is the Co-Founder of Travel Exploration and Morocco Travel Blog. Her inspiration to become a Moroccan Travel Specialist and writer came from her 10 years of traveling, living and exploration in Morocco. Much of her inspiration has also come from her business partner and husband, Hossaine Amiri’s as well as her passion for the Berber people and their culture.

After traveling in Morocco for the past ten years Ms. Cohen was inspired to create a transport company with Hossaine Amiri. Her goal is to offer unique, tailor-made tours that enable others to experience and discover the best of Morocco. Travel Exploration is a member of the American Association of Travel Agents (ASTA.) Ms. Cohen is an expert on Moroccan travel and has held a career in magazine publishing for the preceding eighteen years. She is the Founder of Global Rhythm Magazine and currently the Associate Publisher Zenbu Media Group Ms. Cohen has lectured at the World Bank on Culture & Sustainable Development in Africa and been featured on CNN Financial News, Entrepreneurial Edge, Crain’s and Entrepreneur.

Morocco Travel Blog Current & Prior Contributors: 

Colin Kilkelly

Colin Kilkelly is a new contributor to Morocco Travel Blog. He has over 30 years experience in the Islamic world including Regional Director of South Magazine 1978-1990 based in Pakistan 1987-1990. Mr. Kilkelly was also the Regional publisher FIRST Magazine 1997-2006 the Gulf North Africa and the Maghreb. Colin then became Editor of Yacout Info 2008-2011. Mr. Kilkelly is currently the editor of on line magazine North Africa United and lives in Marrakech.

Freya Ellinwood

Freya Ellinwood has been visiting Morocco over 15 years. She specializes in escorting small groups to discover this wonderful, exotic land with Travel Exploration Morocco. She loves to explore regions off the touristic path and has traveled extensively in Morocco’s deep south. Freya lives in New York City and has traveled throughout Latin America, Europe, India and West Africa. Morocco though, has become her “home away from home.”


Kylie Jelley is a junior at the University of Massachusetts and an undergraduate in the Journalism program. She will graduate with a BA in Journalism and a certificate in International Relations. As well as interning for Travel Exploration she also has past experience interning for She has lived and traveled in Uruguay, Barbados and Bahamas and will be traveling to Sicily for a Travel Writing and Photo- Journalism class in March. Kylie has a passion for travel writing, and a heart for culture.


Lisa DiMatteo is a senior Journalism and Anthropology major at the University of Massachusetts with plans to pursue her Masters degree in cultural Anthropology.  Before returning to school after graduation this coming May, Lisa plans on taking advantage of her year off to travel, work, and experience as much of the world as she can.  As well as her passion for writing she has an unquenchable thirst to discover and learn as much as she can about different cultures, their foods, traditions, and ways of life.